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A biography on World War II General and Fighter Pilot “Miff” Harmon.

Lieutenant General Millard F. Harmon, Jr. was the Commanding General of the Army Air Forces in the Pacific Oceans Area when he went mysteriously missing in the Pacific on February 26, 1945.

In his formative years, Harmon formed life-long friendships with men who defined the United States Army and her air arm: Arnold, Foulois, Mitchell, Spaatz, Twining, Chennault, Doolittle, and more. Harmon commanded multiple organizations and air bases, spent two critical years serving as the Assistant Commandant of the Air Corps Tactical School, and defined how America’s fledgling airmen would prepare for war. As AAFPOA, Harmon commanded one of the largest air organizations in history.

Despite eventually leading the South Pacific air operations for Admiral Halsey and serving as the modern-day JFACC to Admiral Nimitz, he was seen as an outsider and a threat to the singular goal of an independent air arm. Little has ever been written about Harmon and his impact prior to and during World War II. A legacy cut short by his mysterious death and ignored by pioneers who would stop short of nothing to achieve their vision of air warfare. Harmon’s life as an airpower pioneer is a model for the modern, joint warfighting airman.

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As the former Commander of the Air Force’s premier training organization, Rob has developed a number of Keynotes that share how to build and develop your team to achieve goals that currently seem out of reach.

“Rob is by far the most strategic thinker we’ve had the pleasure to work with.  Since engaging with him at Skyracer Consulting, we’ve refined our business strategy, made connections and developed our product in ways we never thought. He’s an invaluable team member as we pursue federal and commercial opportunities.”

Charlie Maddox

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